The internet is… well, huge. You can browse for hours on end – been there, done that – and here are some sites and/or discussion forums I have found useful. Why not pay them a visit?

  • Analog Photography Users Group (APUG) The title says it all. Don’t miss the forum!
  • Digital Photography Users Group (DPUG) Ditto.
  • CameraLabs A site from down under. Reviews of contemporary gear, SLRs, 4/3ds, lenses and more… Note how the sun always shines in NZ!
  • Fred Miranda A lively forum. The site claims to be specialized in Canon and Nikon but much else goes on in there too.
  • Bob Atkins Large site with reviews of cameras, scanners, tripods… you name it. It’s there!
  • LensTip A polish site with detailed and serious reviews of lenses. But first read this explanation.
  • Digital Photography Review Well-known site with not only reviews but also news.
  • LensRentals I recently stumbled onto this site. The company rents lenses (naah?) but also test the lenses and have reviews and a lovely blog, very interesting topics with a witty touch!
  • Ken Rockwell A man with views and reviews. Huge site with his definite opinions on gear and answers to many “why’s”. Some people hate him, others think he is a clown or… quite like him. I think he has some very strong points here and there, specially his How To Take Better Pictures. Read it! Read it again! Repeat! Rinse!

I am old enough to miss out YouTube ever so often. Don’t do as I do, do as I say. YouTube is a treasure when it comes to photographic appareil.

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