Gallery – Spring

Spring is slowly entering. Some snowy flashbacks now and then but it is generally going  in the right direction! So here are a few shots from the last month or so.

First the early sunrise from a cold night can be spectacular. The two below were taken within a few minutes. Rapid change of light there!

sunrise (1)sunrise

Today the weather was windy but sunny at times, so a walk in a wood was planned.


Which direction? I miss the up-down-direction. There other ones are covered for.


Some traditions call for the painting of eggs. This egg is however quite natural


This was a little pearl. Netflix delivers. In fact the Netflix-produced films I have watched have been very worthwhile entertainment! Don’t miss Stranger Things!

other 8

Finding faces in mundane things and locations is sort of an entertaining sub-culture:) I found this in a shop:

other 10

Hello little fellow! Full speed ahead, across the road.

other 12

Typical early spring flowers.

other 13

This is either a “faces in things” painting, or just some elks close to water?

other 16

Camera-wise I bought this “kit” online. I managed to get it up and running. But only after I thought there would have been a reason for its disassembly in the first place. It turns out the lens had landed flat on its face and a helicoid was jammed. But after that idea, it was an easy assembly.

other 1

If you know your Canons you will recognize a QL19. This was jammed so in parts it went:


For long I was hoping that removing the shutter blades was not needed but some of the mechanical logic was stuck so I had to get deeper and deeper…

ql19-4…and deeper  still…

other 5

When the workplace looks like this I started to despair.


And, yes, of course the shutter had oil on the individual blades so it was also stripped and cleaned.


Surprisingly it went together again after a few more hours. Some part’s positions are only testable after more or less full assembly and unfortunately two locking pins behind the shutter were inserted the wrong way. Oh well, I now know how to take it apart again. The two pins can be combined in 2^2=4 different ways so I will need a day to test them all. I leave that for another day…

other 7

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