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Topic – Controlling Contrast

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Experimenting with split grade processing on my Durst M670 enlarger with dichroic head continues. The full process of split grade processing entails a test strip for finding the highlights with yellow light (what I call a base exposure) and then … Continue reading

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Gallery – More Darkroom Prints

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A few hours more of darkroom experience and a few more insights later resulted in this batch: They are all printed on Kentmere Fineprint VC and using a Durst M670 enlarger with split grade processing, details below each picture. The … Continue reading

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Topic – Variable Contrast

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My recent post Enlarger Beats My Scanner was about my newly acquired Durst M670 enlarger. As you get from that post I was pleasantly pleased with the paper copy of the Fujifilm GA645Zi 6×4.5 cm negative of the Piața Unirii. As a … Continue reading

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Gallery – And Now… Something Completely Different

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Not everything mechanical is a camera. There is also this old beauty.The right handle is my own, the original was missing when I got it. Mmmmm mechanics. In working order except the printing unit. Well, I can live without that … Continue reading

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Topic – Light Large Format

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This post could be about either of two things: It could be about a new plastic very portable, hand held, large format camera from some enthusiasts in Chicago. Or it could be about the trials and tribulations of the crowd … Continue reading

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Topic – Back To The Even Later 1970’s

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Moving on from the last mid-to-late 1970’s Konica Autoreflex a slightly more modern camera is the Chinon CE-4. Compared to my memories of the Yashica FX-D this CE-4 is remarkably similar. The shutter timing is all electronic allowing times down … Continue reading

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Topic – Back To The Late 1970’s

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My first “proper” camera was a Yashica FX-D Quartz (no less!) with a standard zoom lens. When I went digital it just stayed there in the closet and was never used, so I sold it. Stupid right? Yes. Simple controls … Continue reading

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