Hi! I fiddle with cameras. For a long time I have felt the need to somewhat document what I am really doing. Not least for my own memory…

I shoot both digital and film. Both colour and black-and-white.  I enjoy old folder cameras as well and like the mechanical aspects of them too. I develop in the kitchen sink.

Am also on twitter as #jabcam now and then.


4 Responses to About

  1. Marie says:


    Mycket fina fotografier!!!



  2. Paul says:

    Great blog 🙂

  3. ruben neirynck says:

    Hi! So today I aquired a konica hexar AF. I knew it wasn’t working but hoped it was just a small problem, seems its much worse than I thought.
    got to the bottom part of the camera, where the two capacitors are, and yes, they have corrosion on their underside.

    Really don’t know anything about electronics, but do like to open up things. I really would like to fix this camera, do you think it would be possible that your fix could be working for me?
    I have dificulty folding the botom PCB so i can reach the underside of the capacitors… how did you manage that?

    greetings from Belgium!

    • jabcam says:

      Hi Ruben. I have only limited experience of mending a Hexar but a background in electronics so I see it as an electrical problem. I followed the tracks of the PCB and there were several points where one could jumper the existing tracks from the caps. It is a bit fiddly but doable, and, I think, worth a try. You need a fine tip on that solder iron:)

      If you have no electronics in the baggage then I suggest you find one that has. It is easy to break things or worse make shorts.

      To bend the PCB I had to remove several small screws that kept the PCB in place.

      Keep us updated!

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