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Topic – Develop B/W at Home. It’s This Easy!

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Ignore the tabloid-like heading for a minute and lets see how to develop B/W-film at home. Literally in the kitchen sink. For next to nothing. When I first thought of doing this I was worried about the longevity of the … Continue reading

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Topic – Medium Format Formats Woes

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Recently it dawned on me that I have not used the fine Fuji GW690II for a while. Why is that? While it is a fantastic camera in many ways I have found two drawbacks with it: 1/ I only get … Continue reading

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Topic – Medium Format Compared to Canon 5D2

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One of my recurring motives is 400 kV power line. True, it is not that a fantastic subject but the size of it is impressive if nothing else. And we often walk by it, so a motive it has become. … Continue reading

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Topic – Inside a Yashica J-7

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This is the first SLR on my desk that I needed to take apart. The slower shutter speeds used to grind to a halt now and then. It took me an afternoon’s work and at three instances I was sure … Continue reading

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Topic – A Second Agfa Billy Clack

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This my second Billy Clack. The first one had a broken spring in the shutter and was reduced to a 6×9 pinhole camera. During its modification I found out how it was supposed to work but did not take any … Continue reading

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Gallery – Canon EF 200/2.8L

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My standard zoom for the 5D2 is the EF 24-105/4L. The favorite prime is now the normal Voigtländer Ultron 40/2 but at the other end the narrow EF 200/2.8 is superb. At 2.8 its shallow depth of focus is spectacular … Continue reading

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Gallery – Freezing at -12 C

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We were out walking in the evening and almost froze our limbs off! Minus 12C the thermometer said when we got home. Too bad the sky was so clear and there was a low ground fog all over the place. … Continue reading

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