Topic – TLR Atlantic Royal

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Now a TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) has never crossed my photographic path before. Rolleiflexes and Rolleicords are famous but the Atlantic is not. Read on and you will find why… Behold the Atlantic Royal!  The camera was given to me … Continue reading

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Topic – Resurrecting Konica Hexar AF from the dead

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I used the hexar on my vacation in the US and it performed flawlessly there despite 50 C heat in Las Vegas and Hoover Dam. This is a camera that is easy to get spoilt by. It is small, quick, … Continue reading

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Topic – Mamiya 7 Panoramic Adapter

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I was disappointed by the Panoramic Adapter when I first used it. It was – and is – still fiddly at best to insert the film but once that obstacle is overcome it is not difficult to use. A 36-roll is … Continue reading

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Topic – Zenit – E / ЗЕНИТ – Е

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Apparently there is an entire subculture on the internet applauding old russian cameras. While I am not one in the choir there are two russians in my collection. One is the early 1960’s half-frame Chaika and the other is a … Continue reading

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Topic – Konica Hexar AF

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In my glass cupboard there are a few Konicas already. There’s an old TC SLR (ok, there are two. One with a surprisingly sharp 40mm f/1.8 Hexanon lens) and small carry-around point-and-shoot C35. I must admit I always thought Konicas … Continue reading

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Topic – More Paper and Film: Kentmere/Fomapan

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Since I began making my own prints I have been permanently surprised at the quality of the prints. The amount of detail in the prints is really astonishing. The resulting detail and quality even with 135 film is much higher … Continue reading

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Topic – Controlling Contrast

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Experimenting with split grade processing on my Durst M670 enlarger with dichroic head continues. The full process of split grade processing entails a test strip for finding the highlights with yellow light (what I call a base exposure) and then … Continue reading

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