Topic – Dark Room Restart

If you follow this blog regularly you are probably more consistent in your actions than I am spending time in the dark room (or updating the blog…). But since the curtains now are in place I hope to be able to do more paper developing in the future.

As a first restart after a long rest a had a test roll of a newly acquired Trip 35 (yes.. yet another). So a shot or two from that roll would be a good candidate. Not least for finding out if I had repaired it well.


Above is a test strip for the image. Numbers are exposure in seconds with full Yellow (+170) in the colour head of the enlarger M670. (Note to self: Make test strips in exposure stops not constant seconds intervals!)

Unwisely I opted for a 10s base exposure and added 0 and 1 f-stops of Magenta onto that:


Clearly this is overexposed (numbers in read are in seconds ‘Y+M’) so another test strip with 5s base exposure got me this:


Now we are getting somewhere. I liked the contrast of the right image, so a test of the entire bridge was printed:


Ooops, while the crop to the right looked good to me using the same exposure over the entire image was much too dark. It is like this optical illusion where our (dis)ability to judge light intensities is manifested.

OK, with this information, and I liked the amount of contrast, there was time for one more print and I decided to make that the final one on a 24×30 cm paper.

The light head had been 65 cm above the easel but had to be 80 cm above for maximum enlargement of the 24×36 mm negative. The distance increased by 80/65=1.23 times and corresponding times for the same exposure should be increased by (80/65)^2=1.23*1.23=1.51 times, equivalent to 5*1.51=7.5s.  But since it was already overexposed I kept the 5s base exposure which amounts to an exposure change of circa -1 f/stop at the new lens-easel distance. (1.51/sqrt(2)=1.07, hmmm… must make a slide rule scale for that too.)

The final print then on Kentmere Fineprint VC developed in Tetenal Eukobrom and scanned on a Canon CanoScan 9000F is a 8994 x 6278 pixel image:


Direct link to the large file is here.

The image above is large and intentionally so. The Olympus Trip 35 is a fun and simple camera with surprisingly good optics. Click on the direct link and zoom around! Two zoomed-in screen shots from the image make this apparent:


Not bad for a 135-film camera where the freight costs more than the camera…

And while we are on the subject of details have a look at this image also taken with 135 film (same paper, same chemicals):


Where the fabrics in the carry-on and straps are clearly visible:


As you may have guessed this is not from a Trip 35 but with the nothing less than amazing Konica Hexar. Its 35/2 lens is truly outstanding!

I tried burning the light parts of this picture to get more structure in the hair (the negative clearly has some) but for now it is without reach for me. Must have more experience on dodging and burning it seems…


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