Gallery – Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, …

During the summer we had the chance to visit Grand Canyon. Fascinating that a little rift, in the scale of things, in the wide desert can be so large. It was hard to fathom the dimensions: Is it 1 km or 10 km (or more) to the other side? One could not tell, its HUGE!

The place of course lends itself to some photography. So without further ado here is a selection of shots during our stay.

_MG_1761At first glance it is hard not to get at least somewhat religious. We’ve seen nothing like it. It is immense, dangerously steep cliff sides and really breathtaking.

_MG_1807It is hard to estimate the canyon’s dimensions as there is nothing to compare it to. Would a person on the foreground slopes be a little dot or simply impossible to see? 

_MG_1777In the evening sun the red rays lit up the sandy cliffs in a truly spectacular way! The shadows move all the time and every 10 minutes there is another colour setting. 

_MG_1847We, and lots of other tourists, stayed until the sun had set completely. As the 40 C temperature of the day grew just a bit less warm, people were watching nature’s scenery in front of their eyes.

_MG_1854 - Version 3Sun close to setting here.

IMG_0070We woke up early enough to catch the first rays of the day. The clouds were very helpful for a nice picture!

After Grand Canyon we carried on to Las Vegas but first had a stop at the Hoover Dam. Its an hydroelectric plant built in the 1930’s to kerb unemployment figures as I understand it. The size of the thing is also huge… and it shares the Colorado river with Grand Canyon.


In retrospect Vegas was less interesting but some photos were of course snapped:


Part of our trip was down to San Diego. A town we all very much liked. We found a tidy town with a friendly atmosphere. Unfortunately we only had time for one evening out there. Strolling along the seaside left for some nice images, I specially like the yellow bollard in from of the blue Pacific.

Mamiya 7, 65/4, Provia 100, E-6

Mamiya 7, 65/4, Provia 100, E-6


Mamiya 7, 65/4, Provia 100, E-6


Mamiya 7, 65/4, Provia 100, E-6


Hmm, they are not clickable for full size above. Strange. So here they are again…

Unusual for me I also took some pictures with my iPhone, and they turned out ok. But where’s the fun when no developer chemicals are needed? These are straight out of the camera. San Diego by the sea.


Finally we also payed a visit to Huntington botanical gardens. When our accent revealed us as Swedes a big smile entered the face of the man in the ticket booth, “ABBA!” he said. We agreed:)


Hexar AF, Portra 160


Ahh, the peace in the shadow. Hexar AF, Portra 160


Our party ready for more exploration. Hexar AF, Portra 160

Mamiya 7, 65/4, Provia 100, E-6

There were mucho botanicky stuff in the garden! Mamiya 7, 65/4, Provia 100, E-6


For this trip I used the Konica Hexar AF with Portra 160, Mamiya 7 (almost always with the 65/4 on) with Provia 100 and Canon 5D mkII. Regarding the last camera I was very surprised that I almost never felt the need for the Voigtländer Color-Skopar 28/2.8 but the Voigtländer Ultron 40/2 served me most of the time. Even the Grand Canyon shots were mostly with the not-so-wide Ultron. And a Powershot S95 was used as a simple carry-around.

All in all a fantastic tour with interesting places and lovely company. The often 40-50 C outside temperatures also helped to make this a memorable trip!

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