Topic – Back To The Even Later 1970’s

Moving on from the last mid-to-late 1970’s Konica Autoreflex a slightly more modern camera is the Chinon CE-4. Compared to my memories of the Yashica FX-D this CE-4 is remarkably similar. The shutter timing is all electronic allowing times down to 4 seconds and up to 1/1000, as well as “B”. The feel is a bit “fatter” but only because the bayonet socket is a bit more protruding, all other dimensions are just about identical.

ce-42.jpgThe CE-4 has a focus depth preview (the lever just above and to the right of the red diode in the picture above) which might be handy sometime. It also sports a 5 and 10 second shutter delay (rotate green dot to “5” or “10”-setting). It also supports double (or triple etc) exposures!

The ASA-setting is from 25 to a maximum of 3200, one the top left of the camera. This wheel also doubles as exposure compensation.

ce-41.jpgThe back with a holder for film type. Practical! (This photo was taken with a Canon S95 handheld and 1s exposure. The built-in image stabilizer really works but a 1s exposure is stretching the luck a bit…)

Happily the camera runs on existing and normal batteries. Three LR44’s are needed and it does not fire¬†without them.


The Chinon is a power package in small dimensions. With f-stop-preview, double exposure, timer and shutter speeds down to 4 seconds what else can one need?

What has to be investigated more is the Pentax K-bayonet mount. My knowledge of Pentax lenses is null and void but as I understand there is a whole lot of high quality Pentax-lenses out there that would fit this body. For now the lens is a Chinon 50/1.9 and that has to be replaced with something wider. Any 40 to 28 mm would be fine.

But till then the 50 has to do:

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