Topic – Tetenal E-6 never dies?

So what really is the shelf life of Tetenal E-6 stored at room temperature in half-litre PET-bottles?

E-6 1

Half of the Tetenal E-6 kit was used to 500 ml developer solution. The rest of the original chemistry is since in the freezer, in non-diluted form. These bottles are stored at room temperature.

I have a faint memory of reading that mixed solutions better be used within six weeks.

According to my notes my first, and to date only, E-6 chemistry was prepared  on May 29th 2014. That’s some 14 months ago, circa 56 weeks, 50 weeks overdue. And it is still kicking!

The instructions indicate that up to six films (120-type or 135-type, they are about the same area) can be processed. Yesterday I ran my 9th film in the same developer. The first developer is now used for 8 minutes instead of the 6m45s for 5-6 films according to the instructions. To me the results are still just as good as they first were.

The first developer has some gross accumulated residue but seems to work as expected anyway:

E-6 2

I once tried to rejuvenate the blix by pouring it into a 1L PET-bottle and shaking aggressively. As I understand adding oxygen to the blix prolongs its life. If the added oxygen had any effect in reality no one knows…

The Provia 100F seems to do well with the 14 month’s old developer. Here are some shots from the last roll:

220 7

220 9


So what about shelf life then? 14+ months apparently…

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