Gallery – Provia 100F in old Tetenal developer

This summer I had the chance to increase my arsenal of photographic equipment with a 65 mm f/4 lens for my Mamiya 7.  The lens is a very nice addition to the Mamiya and I am having a ball using it. The frame lines are just inside what is visible in the finder, so no external finder is needed. The lens seems to perform well and here are som pictures taken with it.

As mentioned in a previous post the Tetenal Colortec E-6 just seems to live on and on. These photos are from a 220-type roll of Provia 100F, developed in 14 month old developer.

220 3

Here a blueish tint is apparent. Partly I blame this on my scanner. The colour was however the main reason for this photo in the first place.

220 4

Here the colours are bit more neutral than I have come to expect from the Provia.

220 5


220 6

The sharpness of the 65 mm lens and the colours of slide film. Yummy! I can feel the stones here.

220 8

Low sun and red glow from the lowest clouds. Provia responds quickly to red. 

220 9

220 7

Again a bit too natural for Provia. The overcast clouds gave the only and weak light to work with.

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