Topic – Halina 35X in USA Today

When I was cleaning out an old newspaper stack I found this copy of USA Today which was given to me on a flight last year. The front page held nothing new, well apart from pointer to an interesting article on Mila Kunis’ career.

h35 1Mila Kunis is apparently known for more than the voice of Maggie in Family Guy…

On the last page however there was a surprise in the form of a Korean advertisement:


THAT camera looked familiar! Is it a…? Yep, a second glance confirmed it’s a Halina 35X.  Cool! I never imagined seeing it apart from in the group of followers in Flickr and in nerdy webpages like this of course.

h35 2

Pride of Korea 2011 THE PROUD. It is somewhat amusing they selected a Haking camera from Hong Kong as the centre piece in an ad about Korea. Still, kudos to them for finding this cool looking camera for the advert. Cannot help thinking it comes from a personal collection. Perhaps it belongs to the photographer of the advertisement? Perhaps he/she used it as a gentle nudge to those who would recognise it?

h35 3

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