Topic – Canoscan 9000f misbehaves

What is the difference between these two scans?

9000f 29000f 1

One is grossly overexposed we can agree on that. But despite that the slide original looks perfectly fine!

It turns out that the scanner cannot cope with clear or almost clear slide film. The background illumination cannot be reduced more than in the top shot, and clearly overloads the sensor and analogue-digital converter:(

I inserted a white piece of writing paper (density 80 g/m2) before the illumination and look: Suddenly there are resolvable details in the previously burned out areas. The paper’s structure unfortunately also gets scanned giving the rather worrying sky.

Is it not odd that Canon lets this kind of hardware out of their factories? I reduced background light to “none” in the software “MP Navigator EX 3.1” but the backlight was too strong anyway. Seems I have to use the screwdriver on the scanner… A series resistor to the backlighting unit can perhaps be a remedy?

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