Gallery – Olympus PEN-EE

Here are some (admittedly sunky) scans from the little performer, the PEN-EE.S of 1962.

One cool thing with any half-frame camera is that a normal 36 exp film lasts for at least 72 pictures! There is no real reason not to fire away. Almost like when using digital camera (wink, wink).

Since scanning is usually time consuming it is even more so when there are twice as many pictures to scan. With some consideration of motives when shooting the half-frame lends itself almost automatically for diptychs and triptychs. Having the end result so much in the mind while shooting also makes the composing of the shot a much more fun business.

The thick black bar separating the individual frames should really be matched with black frames around the entire picture, however I am not that fluent i the software I use to get this effect.

One way, and a cute one at that, would be to scan the frames without the film holder. This way the natural rugged edges of the camera’s frame would appear. I like that effect but it is too cumbersome right now. The effect would be something like this (achieved in BorderFX for Aperture): PEN_Border

Anyway, here go some borderless images:

PEN-EE 1 (1)PEN-EE 1 (2) PEN-EE 2 (2)  PEN-EE 4 (1) PEN-EE 5 (1) PEN-EE 6 PEN-EE 7

Notice the distance between the frames is always the same. The film transport is very reliable.

The film was Fomapan 100 (accidentally exposed at 160, bummer!) developed in HC-110, 1+60 for 6m30s at 20 C.

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