Mamiya 7 Panadapter

The Mamiya 7 has an add-on in the shape of a pan adapter-kit. The kit consists of some bits and pieces to put in and around (!) the camera to make it accommodate a 135-type film instead of the usual 120-type.

Of course the negatives cannot be 6x7cm (actually 56×70 mm) but rather 24×65 mm giving  a panoramic sense to the pictures. One can argue this is a completely useless exercise as using 120-film and cropping  will give exactly the same result. There may be some reasoning though if only 135-film is available and/or if you do not develop yourself the machines may not do 120-film? Yeah, it is stretching it a bit, I know…

With the standard 80/4 lens the negative gets ridiculously tight vertically and it is really difficult finding a scene that will fit. Also the panoramic effect is mediocre and more like watching down a letterbox. I imagine some real panoramas can be had with the 43 mm lens.

So there is perhaps not so much logic in having the adapter apart from an uncertain “fun factor”?

Let the pictures speak for themselves (it is strange the colours are different from when in Aperture!):





M7PAN7     M7PAN5

You see? Very tricky finding something that fits this loooong format!

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