Gallery – Photomatix HDR Plug-In

NEVER HDR! Or so I used to say after trying some programs for it a couple of years ago. The end result were the (in)famous charred clouds and distorted colours as from a climate disaster film…

With the much varying light in Ceausescu’s palace I had to reconsider. So I downloaded the Photomatix plug-in for Aperture and set aforth. It turned out to do surprisingly well so I bought it and tried it also on some other photos I have taken.

The plug-in can be used on several differently exposed photos or on one (1) photo where exposure has been modified in post processing to get two (or more of course) copies.

After todays play with the software I ended up with these results. Lenses used are, as almost always nowadays, either Voigtländer Ultron SL II 40/2 or Voigtländer Color-Skopar SL II 28/2.8.

HDR (1)Church – 30s exposure at f/11 or thereabouts (original 2 images)

HDR (2)Beach at Costinești (original 2 images)

HDRRoom at Ceausescu Palace Bucharest (original 1 image)

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