Gallery – Ceaușescu’s Palace in Bucharest

In short: Huge place! Second largest building in the world, only the Pentagon is larger. There are more floors below the ground than above it IIRC. Made entirely from romanian materials by romanian craftsmen.

All shot with Voigtländer Color-Skopar 28/2.8 SL II with a Canon 5D2. The wider angle of view turned out to be very useful here.

Did I say huge?



ceausescu 17

ceausescu 1

ceausescu 2

ceausescu 3

ceausescu 4

ceausescu 5

ceausescu 6

ceausescu 8

ceausescu 10

ceausescu 11

ceausescu 12

ceausescu 13

ceausescu 14

ceausescu 15

ceausescu 16


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