Gallery – By the Black Sea

A few vacation shots from the Black Sea. More exactly from Costinesti, Romania.

After the beach emptied in the evening I had to go back for these two shots. The first was me approaching the subject with the Voigtländer 28/2.8… costinesti 8

…and this was the final result with a Ultron 40/2. I have removed litter from the ground also. The end result really catches the mood at the time methinks.costinesti 7After sunset

On my way to the beach this power grid switching station just cried for attention. Some cropping (from the top) may appear when I have seen this photo more.costinesti 5Power Grid

Most of my published photographs are of inanimate objects and even simple sand is not out of the question. You see the (animate!) foot print don’t you?costinesti 4Sand

Lamp post. Originally in colour but I never successfully managed to post process that one into something credible. So here it is in glorious black-and-white instead.costinesti 1

Geometrical structures at the beach.costinesti 2Rectangles

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