Gallery – Halina 35x’s Lens on a DSLR

In my previous post was a description of how I fitted a vintage 1959 Halina 35x two element lens onto a modern DSLR. Despite the dismal weather of the season today I brought the camera along for a walk.


How is the lens of the DSLR? Well, it is very much so-so. Straight from the camera there is almost always a blueish tint on the photos. Presumably because of the two lens element’s lack of coating. Apart from this tint it is sharp only in the center, giving a peculiar look to the shots. Stopping down remedies this to some extent but good it is never.

First off to show the blue tint, before and after post processing (lens fully open f/3.5):

IMG_8193 IMG_8193 - Version 2

With some contrast enhancement  it looks a bit better. A tad sharpening also helps.

Second, center sharpness is OK, if you can find it. This is also fully open at f/3.5, left is the entire photo, crop to the right:

IMG_8178 IMG_8178 - Version 2

Some more sample shots follow. They have been sharpened, contrast enhanced but nothing have been done with the vignetting, as the vignetting is perhaps the reason to use the lens in the first place?

If there is vignetting  it has been taken fully open, otherwise at something like f/8-f/11. At f/16 the Airy disk starts making itself noticeable. (They are all in one gallery at the end of this post too)


Despite this wall being in one plane (!) there is significant blurring at any excursion from the center:IMG_8181

The depth-of-field is however pleasantly short fully open: IMG_8182

Yet another red wheelbarrow:IMG_8186

Focus at the figures on the vase:IMG_8187

Focus at the center wire stretcher. Blur practically everywhere else:IMG_8189 

Sorry about the washed out sky. Should have used the histogram of course…IMG_8194


This one I like. The colours turned out well. Too bad I cut the chimney off, but this was the only vantage point available.IMG_8202


Traces of people found everywhere…IMG_8205

This I also particularly like. I cannot walk past them without at least considering a photo:IMG_8206

All in one gallery:

Update: Some more shots, the first one is heavily cropped:

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