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Yet again online auctions come to rescue. This time in the form of an old Halina 35x. I already have one in my collection but this was cheap and I have some plans for it already. Anyway it gave me a chance to disassemble it. As usual with these Halinas the grease has turned into a stiff mess making moving the lens hard work. This sample also had some  shutter jamming, so it actually WAS in need for a disassembly . It wasn’t just me wanting to attack something with screwdrivers this time…

It is not difficult taking it apart if you know what you are doing (well, except for one part, more on that later).

This post have some 40 shots in it. You have been warned.

This is the camera in question. A circa 1959 Hongkong made viewfinder, cheap even by those days standards. On the right is a special tool for removing the front lens. You will need this for cleaning the lens.


This time I started by removing the leatherette to uncover the four screws that keep the lens onto the body. It is not really necessary but a variation and it was quite loose anyway, so…


The front standard falls off easily when the screws are removed: Halina35x3

To open the lens you need to loosen three small screws just along the distance scale:Halina35x4

By wiggling and unscrewing the front part the lens split in two:


Just like this: Halina35x7

Leaving the front part aside for the moment, let us concentrate on the shutter part:Halina35x8

There are three small screws that need to come off to open the shutter housing.Halina35x9

With the shutter thusly open one can easily see the main shutter spring to the left of the upper black metal part. This controls the timing for 1/25s, 1/50s and 1/100s.  In the half circular slit in the black metal part one can also see a smaller spring, this is the accelerator spring for the top speed of 1/200s. The metal protruding the rim of the shutter house is the timing setting, this lever is controlled by the shutter speed ring.Halina35x10

The timing lever lifted. Note also the accelerator spring, now free in one end:Halina35x11

The main spring can be lifted off here – or unscrewed in the other end:Halina35x12

The actual shutter mechanism. The left lever is now cocked, the spring is under load and ready for firing:Halina35x13

Usually a press on the button on the camera will twist the spring loaded cam actuator, now I do it with a screw driver. Either way the shutter opens…Halina35x14

…and closes when the came does a complete move.Halina35x15

Before the shutter cam can be removed the knurling on the cocking lever must be removed. The upper part is a screw and the lower part a nut:Halina35x16

Shutter cam removed.Halina35x17

And two screws later, the flash socket too:Halina35x18

There are now yet another three small screws to remove. This is the first one:Halina35x19

Another one is below this screw. There is a little distance washer below the linkage:Halina35x20

There is also a third screw. Unfortunately I forgot to photograph that one… From behind the protruding screw now must be removed. There are two washers on this on. Remember their order.Halina35x21

Now the shutter, situated behind the brass disc, can be removed.Halina35x22

If you really want it the thick black metal inset can be lifted out:Halina35x23

And the front standard disassembled further:Halina35x24

This is as far as it goes:Halina35x25

The shutter is made out of two metal sheets. The actual open/close action is controlled by a small brass screw from behind. Note the screws surface finish here by the way: I have not made the dents in them. This kind of sloppy workmanship is to be found everywhere.  Anyway here the shutter is closed…Halina35x26

…and opened…Halina35x27

From the front the shutter is controlled by a spring loaded piece of brass, here open…Halina35x28

…and here closed. In actual use the spring is pulled to the left side and under the disc.Halina35x29 

Turning now to the diaphragm and front lenses. These two screws open the more time consuming part of the later assembly, the aperture blades:Halina35x30

The six diaphragm blades are kept in place and alos set by the covering cam:Halina35x31

Carefully removing it one can now study the actual blades. Make a note of them. Reassembly is tricky even if you are certain you are doing it the right way:)Halina35x32

The individual blades. Remember which side is up!Halina35x33

Now the hard part: Removing the front lens. Without the tool it is impossible and even with it I have not managed to remove it without using a vice and causing at least some visual damage to the front plastic part. It does not look glued into place but it sits there really hard. It is however necessary to get at the space between the two front lenses.Halina35x34

Now, there! It came off! Halina35x35

After some further disassembly the front lens comes off. The surface of the lens that is pointing away from the camera is curved, the other flat.Halina35x36

There is small spacer and then the rear front lens pos out. It looks concave symmetrical, but just for sure make a small pencil mark on it. Both lenses can now be cleansed with isopropyl alcohol.Halina35x37

Before reassembly the parts must be cleaned from the old hard grease. The lenses come clean with alcohol but the grease, or remains thereof, is out of much longer molecules so alcohol won’t do. After several tries a glue remover worked successfully. But not without much rubbing too. The glue remover contains kerosene, acetone, alcohol and smells distinctly of diesel i.e. a broad spectrum of solvents. A final alcohol wash removed the remnants of the glue remover:)

The now clean lenses are mounted and locked into place:Halina35x38

The entire assembly together again. Some machine grease was used on the sliding surfaces. Now the aperture blades and the cam and cover can be put back.Halina35x39 

Meanwhile the body parts go together also. First the metal inset:Halina35x40 

Then the shutter blades et al. Make sure to engage the mechanism often during reassembly to reveal possible jams.Halina35x41

The rest of reassembly is like reading this post backwards. It is perhaps interesting to note how it looks like each individual camera was tailored as it was assembled at the Hong Kong plant. While the mechanism is simple, the pieces looks often trimmed in site for function. Here someone used a cutter for the timing control to fit!Halina35x42

I have a feeling this is not the last post on this camera…

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4 Responses to Topic – Halina 35x On The Slab

  1. John parr says:

    I’ve just found one of these.Squirt of silicon PTFE down barrel and synchro and not getting involved further
    All end in tears…got lens hood with mine!

  2. ivan says:

    Great introduction

  3. Charlotte says:

    Hi, what is the tool to open up the lenses? I have one that has fungus and a bit of cloudiness, but haven’t managed to prize off the Anastigmat plastic outer.
    Is there a way to get at the lenses from the back?

    Thanks for any help!

    • jabcam says:

      The tool is the piece of sheet metal in the pictures with “Halina 35x” written on it. I sharpened the edge for a better grip. The wider part of the tool was required to get enough torque to turn the “plastic outer” off. You really need to open it from the front I’m afraid…

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