Topic – Exposure again II

The GA645Zi is still the experimental workhorse. This time doing (severe) overexposure and (risky) underdevelopment. Film is still Fomapan 200 Creative and developer HC-110 1+60 (8.3 ml to 500 ml water). The camera’s ISO was set at 50, i.e. 2 steps overexposure in an attempt to really burn in the shadows in the pictures. As previous attempts at developing with the same mixture and concentration have slightly washed out the white areas, the dev time was now reduced from 8 mins to a mere 6 mins – and it works!

Look at the first pictures to get a feel for the densities and then the last one – it differs does it not?

1/60 f/4.8
1/45 f/4.5
1/125 f/5.6
1/30 f/9.5

Now take a new look on the pictures above and observe the densities in the shadows areas. Even in the first one there is still much to see in the shadow of the birches to the left. But overall the pictures look a bit gloomy and flat. A two step overexposure is overdoing it apparently, one step would perhaps be enough?

The third picture above is not very sharp. I don’t know why that is. The camera usually is spot on.

And now this one:
1/30 f/4.5

In the last one the highlights are more white than muddly grey. Texture in the shadows is gone. The contrast is heavier too. This was the last shot on the film and I set the ISO to 200 for this one, so it exposed according to the actual film speed!

I imagine I have to blame the short dev time for keeping the light areas under control. A 6 min dev time is not too short. More experiments would be nice on this!

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