Gallery – Vacation 2013 II

The first run of vacation shots were film ones with a Mamiya 7. I have to admit that much more photos were shot with the trusty old 5D2. Mixing film and digital is no problem for me but I must say that film is a much more pleasing experience altogether even if the results may not be perfect. Funny really, but the effort, care and consideration during the exposure and post-processing of film gives me a stronger relation to the picture – even if the picture in itself is mediocre. Self-deception? Perhaps. Probably.

So here are a number of digital shots taken during a three week holiday in sunny California. Most of them were taken with the superb Voigtländer Ultron 40/2 on a 5D2, some also with EF 28-105/4 and there is one from a Canon S95 (a surprisingly competent photographic partner).

Runyon Canyon (again…). The colours were really this intense in real life too. After a few days I brought the camera along. I simply couldn’t resist.Cali2

Santa Monica.Cali4

Santa Monica. This was shot in colour but works well in B/W too. Specially at a distance.Cali5

Baywatch tower I suppose. Cali8

It took a series of photos until the stupid bird finally looked in the right direction. I was waiting for the pole’s continuation into another curve and this is how it turned out.Cali10

Santa Monica again. I was surprised that the wall paintings were left alone and not tagged by youths with nothing better to do. Here the matching colours of the sign and the man’s shirt was my primary objective. The dissonance between the army sign and the girl’s face and expression was really a bonus.Cali11

Yosemite National Park. Planned burnings of the sequoias is a must for these trees to multiply.  All over the place there were signs of these fires. (EF 200/2.8, “the primepipe”)Cali18

Yosemite. Classic view where I waited and waited for the sun to lighten up the water fall. Then, just one shot and it was over. Cali19

Yosemite. Another classic view with the sun playing hide and seek. This was as good as I got it. Cali20

On the way to San Francisco we were suddenly surrounded by these wind generators. They are either under construction, or, the generator heads have started to fall off…Cali21

San Francisco bay. These two people were not alone in going right in the water and then go left on land. Most of them were a scaring distance out from land. I would not participate.Cali22

SF Bay. Alcatraz framed in a net on the Golden Gate Bridge.Cali23

SF Bay. Golden Gate Bridge.Cali24

San Francisco. A ceiling of an art museum I believe. Very symmetrical, and of course I could not just go past without taking a shot of it.Cali25

Yes, I have read Ken Rockwell:) This sign with its primary colours and desolate appearance I like. But… is “color TV” really something to boast about? “Black-and-white TV”, now that would impress me.


Monterey Bay Aquarium. Don’t miss it. Nuff said!Cali27

Monterey Bay Aquarium.Cali28

Monterey Bay Aquarium.Cali29

Monterey Bay Aquarium.Cali30

Monterey Bay Aquarium.Cali32

Monterey Bay Aquarium. No he (she?) has not glued this onto him, it really looks like this!Cali33

Monterey Bay Aquarium. The main tank is several floors high.Cali34

Los Angeles. Wheelbarrow with cement on it.Cali37

Los Angeles. Wall painting.Cali38

Los Angeles. View of city from Griffith Observatory.Cali39

Los Angeles. Griffith Observatory.Cali40

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