Gallery – Vacation 2013 I

We’ve really hit it this year with a double vacation. First no less than three weeks in Los Angeles and then another two weeks in lovely Romania. Just right now only the LA pictures have been developed and scanned so here is a part of this year’s harvest. First are some B/Ws taken with the Mamiya 7 – a truly fantastic partner for travel. The film Acros 100 and developed with HC-110 at 1+60 for 11 mins. Later a few colour ones taken with a 5D2 may come. This is a post in progress for now.

Just typical luck. When in San Francisco the fog was there too. And it was not just a bit of it… The fog horns hooted constantly which gave it an almost surreal effect. This is art on the previous airfield Crissy Field:Cali341

As the day went on the fog cleared and the Golden Gate Bridge became eventually visible:Cali342

In downtown LA there were much to take photos of. I am not much of a street shooter but here one could really prune the skills. Being more of a landscaper this is what 5th avenue looked like: Cali344

Almost every day we hiked in the Runyon Canyon. Sun, uphill, uphill and… uphill. You get the idea? This metal pod from mars met us on every trip:Cali345

The view from the canyon is impressive. Here and there the odd tree gave some shadow. I had intended to take this one the day before: There was a mother and younger daughter in the shadows then and the looked soooo relaxed and calm. Unfortunately I forgot to turn the power on the Mamiya for the first photo and when I turned it on they already had started moving:( So this is actually a reenactment with relatives!Cali346

Monterey Beach Aquarium is a must (REALLY! If you are in the neighbourhood then DON’T miss it!) and from there I took this view:CaliBW12

A few steps from Hollywood Boulevard calmness prevails:CaliBW10

Gas meters probably:CaliBW9

Hydrant and church. Each one a saviour in his own way…CaliBW8

San Francisco street view again:CaliBW6

Alcatraz a long way away. Looks like a destroyer at a distance (I bet some say it was a destroyer on the inside too): CaliBW5

San Francisco has its ups and downs:CaliBW4

The houses in San Francisco differ quite a bit from what they look like in LA:CaliBW3

Inner garden, LA: CaliBW1

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