Gallery – An old Stölma Camera

Recently I was given an old Stölma 6×9-folder. Stölma apparently was a trademark for a, to Sweden, imported camera in the 1920-30’s. The importer Stölten, of Danish origin, later also imported the FNS large format camera of which I have written elsewhere on this blog! A piece of history can be found (in Swedish) here: The Stölma was manufactured in Germany by the Welta Kamera Werk.

Of course I had to run a film through the camera. The results are kind of soft, which would be expected from such a folder. Worse is that I (once again) had trouble loading the film so the first two frames had some severe light onto them:(

Some of the shots are presentable, though far from good. It is very tricky to use the finder on these old folders. I am never really certain what will be in the actual frame. The film was Fortepan 400, developed in Rodinal (R09) standing 1+100 for 1h50m. The two days I shot the roll were both severely overcast and snowy. Typical January weather here.

So here they are. Almost all of them had to be made horizontal in postprocessing. No matter how careful I was when looking through the finder the picture always finished up tilted. These old cameras are harder to use than expected!

The first two shots were not tilt-corrected in postprocessing and shows the elegant rounded corners of the picture. Why did not others follow this? Those corners look great!

Stolma1024 (4)

Stolma1024 (2) Stolma1024 (5)

Stolma1024 (7) Stolma1024 (6)


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