There Was a Parcel Waiting

There was a parcel waiting when I got home today. My GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) get a fix now and then from online auction sites. In fact most of my old gear stem from auctions in one way or another. This last acquisition was no exception.

The parcel itself impressed me already un-opened:

I have never seen so many frigging stamps on anything in my entire life! And that was just one side of it, the back had even more:

And the actual contents were this beauty:

A hand-held 1-degree Soligor Spot-Meter! Originally it should run on two mercury cells of 1.35 V which are unavailable today due to their toxic content. Hmm, I still vividly remember I used to “pop” such cells by overheating them with a solder iron in my younger days… sometimes there was a small amount of mercury emanating from them! Today I shudder at such stupidities but at the time it was a fun thing to do.

But I digress. Two standard SR44 cells (culled from a HP-11C calculator) do fine for now as the built-in battery check accepts them OK.

The spot-meter helps when deciding exposure with the large format camera and trying to learn the zone system. It is fascinating (well, sort of…) to be able to measure the EV (exposure value, not electron volts) of small 1-degree patches of a scene. It has already been used with the 4″x5″ camera and compared to the spot meter of my 5D2, they seem to agree but the measured area is so much smaller with the dedicated meter.

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