First 4″x5″ in Colour

For some time now I have had a box of 25 sheets of Ektar 100 in the freezer. The original plan was to start using it during the summer. But time went and I was busy with other things. Besides, I really had not settled on exactly what to photograph.

So the other day the camera went with me to my job and during a lunch break this was photographed on a nearby lawn. Not the most imaginative of scenes, I know, but better than just storing the Ektar in the freezer…

Exposure was measured with the Canon 5D mark II and the shutter on the large format camera allowed a setting which was just 1/3rd f-stop off. The exposure was finally set at 1/2 sec at f/32.

As usual the scanning was made in 6 cm strips which later were stitched together. If you look closely you can see the marks – so don’t! Here is a 1024 pix wide version:

As usual I find the colours to be a bit off. This, and one with another colour setting, in compressed jpg (11 megs and 6 megs respectively), are attached below. The original tiff is close to 400 megs!

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