Random Gallery – More Large Format Photos

A capsized video projector screen happened to come my way and I was not slow in changing it into a studio background. With that background in place it allowed me to get more used to getting exposures right with the large format camera. I also have some new low energy lamps of 70 watts equivalent to 350 watts from an old bulb. Yikes, it gets bright!

Exposure was determined with my Canon 5D2. I increased the exposure until it just saturated the sensor, backed off 1 stop and used that exposure for the f/22 and almost that for the f/5.6 exposure. Actual numbers are 1″ at f/22 for exact exposure and thus a wanted 1/15″ for f/5.6 but the shutter only has 1/10″ so that was used, giving 0.5 stop overexposure.

I made this table starting with the digital cameras 1″ f/22, then “halving times and doubling aperture”:

1″ f/22 <– Spot on +/- 0 exposure.

1/2″ f/16

1/4″ f/11

1/8″ f/8

1/15″ f/5.6 <– Spot on +/- o exposure. Used 1/10″ giving 0.5 stop overexposure.

With the setup in the living room I took these experimental photos (all with Forte 400 exposed at ISO 200 and vase developed with HC-110B 4’30” 20 C, hat developed with HC-110B 6’0″ 20 C. I’m fresh out of Fomadon R09.). When I get used to the camera I must bring it outdoors too!



The bright right side is no light leak but one of the lamps that was too close to the screen…

Larger versions of these, about 5 megs each, except the first (13 meg) come here:




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