Random Gallery – Halina 35x

As mentioned in my previous post an old Halina 35x has had my attention recently. After doing a general CLA, it is now functional. The only snag is that the shutter speeds are off. But a small note around the lens has a conversion table so that is not really a problem.

How is it then? Simple, very simple. The finder is really not possible to use for exact framing so one has to take some guard space around the subject. The scans are also pretty soft directly from the scanner but after some manipulation in Aperture at least some are presentable. One has to remember to cock the shutter as a separate maneuver after winding the film to the a new frame. It feels tiny in my hands.

For fun I let a colour roll go through the camera and below are some of the results. This roll was processed with C-41 chemicals from a Tetenal kit in the kitchen. Somehow the colours are all over the place, Aperture helped a great deal here too. I adjusted colour balance and added some sharpening. All the vignetting is its own (though stopping down removes most of it)!

So here is what I made out of a cheapy vintage 1959 camera.

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