Random Gallery – More Vintage Glass Plates From The 1920’s

Here are some more glass plates from the early 1900’s. In this case I know who the photographer is – it is my grandad, Filip! He was born in 1899 and became interested in photography and chemistry in what must have been his teens. I am not certain if the wish for photos lead to the chemistry or if it was the other way round:) Either way, I remember he had an old 6×6 folder for his later photograpy needs.

In the 1920’s he apparently not only developed the plates but also, at least in some occasions, prepared the light sensitive emulsions on the plates too! In my teens it was our common interest of the universe that brought us closer together. While he was more into cosmology and the greater theatre, I struggled with the star’s motions and azimuths and declinations and stuff.

So, while we had no real ‘photo talk’ I remember him talking about Voigtländer cameras.

When I visited my parents recently, Dad presented me with a small box of plates from my granddad’s 9×12 camera (it is still around at some cousin or other). As my Canon 9000F scanner only handled up to 6 cm wide negs I scanned the plates in two passes and stitched them in DoubleTake on the MacBook Pro. I have found DoubleTake to make stitching a very easy task, it usually takes care of everything but also allows for more detailed tweaking should it be necessary.

As with another glass plate I presented on this blog, I am positively surprised at the amount of detail and quality these old relics produce. For now I have no idea who are actually in these photos (though see below!) but I understand that an older aunt have recognised some of them. It will be exciting to find out who they are!

But let’s have a special peek at this man:

Everything points to that he is my grand-grandfather no-less! My partner in life claims there are several common traits: The nose,  the jaw and the cheek. “It is you”, she says:)

When I think of it, the little boy looking straight into the camera in a previous picture, wears a striking resemblance to my sister’s 3 year old son too!

If one zooms into the picture the detail is fabulous. Just look at the safety clip on his right trouser leg (Wonder why? Was this his Sunday suit worn for the session?):

Or the clock-chain in his vest:

Can’t you just feel the chain in your hands? How it runs between your fingers due to its weight and wear? I know I can!

(Did you spot the man closing the door at the large house?)

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