Ikonta for the Pocket

The Zeiss Ikontas have been mentioned before in this blog. Perhaps it is not obvious that these old cameras are quite small even by modern standards.

An Ikonta with its standard Novar-Anastigmat 75/4.5 lens. Picture size is the square 6×6 cm format.

Normally depicted in its ready-to-shoot state the bellows is extended they look sort of big. In its collapsed state it is much flatter. With not too much trouble you can fit one in your trouser pocket, even on a pair of tight jeans.

Collapsed it is really thin with an outer size of about a sandwich. 

So if you don’t mind the slower process of the manual focus and exposure settings an old Ikonta is an small camera for carrying around and still get those large 6×6 cm negatives!

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One Response to Ikonta for the Pocket

  1. walker says:

    I simply love this camera and I’ve just recently had a great opportunity to shot a roll with it. I’ve one more roll to shot but I’ve still haven’t found the right subject.

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