Where Is This?

Just about a year or so before jumping onto the digital bandwaggon I had a short encounter with slide film. The first time was when trekking in the mid-Swedish fells in Jämtland, the second was at a medieval festival and friend’s wedding in Visby on the island of Gotland.

The fells in 2003 looked like this:



Not many rolls of slide were taken, as it was both more costly and more finicky viewing and manipulating than normal pictures that came home in the mail from the developer. The quality of the slides were fantastic compared to the negative film I was used to – if the exposure was right. Which it more often than not, was not. It was apparent one would have to be very careful with the exposure settings. Something I really did not get the grip on.

The hassle of viewing the photos was in the end not worth the trouble. Projector and screen and dimmed lights and… Too much fuzz.

Sometime I will post sample pictures of these two trips but for now the big question is: “Where is this?”. I have no idea where this was taken, it was on the same strip as the Gotland snaps but I seriously cannot remember where it was taken. Embarrassing!

Canon EOS 100 – can’t remember film (or place:) at all

What is less embarrassing is that I quite like the composition. I thought my photos were better now than back then, but now I’m not certain…

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