New Lens Ultron 40/2

I fell for my own peer pressure the other day and got myself a Voigtländer Ultron 40/2. Up here in the north we have not much daylight so my exercises with the Ultron have been minimal to say the least. Some test shots look promising though.

Not making a review, a first opinion is that the lens is very handy. It is short and protrudes very little on the 5D2 body. As many a post on the ol’ net already have mentioned: The focus ring is superb! With its rubberized metal and clearly some precision mechanics inside it is a joy to use. Optical quality is hard to say anything about after such a short time of use, but it hasn’t let me down yet. There is some rather heavy vignetting at f/2, which can be removed in pp if needed. If often add vignetting anyway, so it could actually be a wanted effect. As the 24-105/4L has been the standard lens during the last few years this will be an interesting experiment.

The pictures presented here have been duly trimmed in Aperture 3. All taken fully open at f/2 a winter afternoon in bad light – in an otherwise cloudy day.

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