Agfa Billy Clack

My dad found an old folder thrown away somewhere and decided to rescue it i.e. give it to me. It was in rather a lousy shape with loose screws and dirt all over. A much better looking Billy Clack can be seen at The Camera Site if you are interested.

While I normally enjoy old cameras this is an exception and I think not only because of its shape but because of its handling: It is practically impossible to engage the shutter without shaking the entire camera and specially the front lens. The front lens is exactly what has to be still when the shutter is open! Almost all of the shots from this camera suffered from blur.

Fomapan 100 – Nice but blurry car 

At the time I had no tripod but holding the camera body tight against a metal rail made at least one blur-free shot:Fomapan 100 – There! No blur! At last!

The last one look sharp enough and I am actually surprised that the shot more or less into the sun did not give more flare. This camera is from times long ago when lens coatings were not invented either.

Shortly after this shot the shutter spring broke rendering the camera useless. But wait! There is one final use for it, pin-holing. But that is another story.

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